It was the best of times and the worst of times.
The best coffee was being served in different parts around the world but for two creatives in Male', Maldives the coffee industry didn't matter. What mattered was the color palettes and the feel of a coffee shop aesthetic. And just like that, with a pinch of determination, a realized business plan and two good cups of coffee,
Art Brewery was born.

Ziyan has experience in the fields of multimedia design from graphic design, UI/UX to motion design. Having developed visuals for business in different sectors / industries. Leading the design  execution effort, he brings the immaculate attention to detail and finesse to every project. 

Naufa has experience in fields of marketing, content creation and social media management of brands. She specializes in concept work, scripting, illustration and formulating digital strategies for brands. She prioritizes in ensuring the message and objective of every project undertaken is relayed.
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